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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Original Skin

The original skin...
This new clothing label isn’t called that accidentally. Their first collection is absolutely ORIGINAL. That’s right! Original, classy, elegant were one of the words, among many many others, that came into my mind when I saw their first collection called “Nostalgia”.
So far “Nostalgia” is having only four man t-shirts but they are mind-blowing. Really! I’m totally in love with them. Those white t-shirts are simple but elegant, and those amazing black prints are making them simply perfect. I think they’ll look very sexy with tight jeans.  This clean design can be also combined perfectly with black coat. Sexy, don’t you think?
Original Skin’s t-shirts are provoking, eye catching and I’m sure that every girl on the street will trying to take them off with a glance. So hurry up guys! Make your order today at .



Andrea said...

Cool tshirts I like the octopus one!

nicolealyse said...

Love it!

new follower <3

love from NYC,