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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Outfit for 2011

I wish you a happy New Year -- 2012 !!! / Пожелавам ви Весела Нова година!!!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


If I had to choose one person who inspire me I will choose Rihanna. I love Rihanna. She is amazing, she is herrself and she is wild. I like her red hair. She loves to experiment that was amazing quality which I want to find inside me.

You da one


Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Wishlist for Christmas

1. Gezuckt Shearling Collar Black Jacket -
2. Handbag -
3. Splicing PU Grey Jumper -
4. Asymmetric Fleck Black Jumper
5. Mini Tube Skirt in Scribble Print -
6. Spike Bangle Pack  -
7. Dragon Claw Black Ring -
8. Sword Look Drop Earrings -


Friday, December 23, 2011

Hot coffee drink in cold day

I wanted something hot to drink and called to my best friend to meet for cup of coffee. See some photos from today.

1. In the coffee shop
2. Cookie drink whit coffee and chocolate
3. Bracelets from - (from left to right) friendship, House, Avon 
4. Gift for my Dad - engraved lighter
5. Walk in the park 

 Marry Christmas !

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow, gifts and christmas nail arts

It was snowing today for the first time this winter... There is so much snow outside and it's so magical. I went to the cinema to watch New Year's Eve with Pavel - you can read critics for the movie on his blog here very soon. I don't remember if I said before, but my favorite color is blue and my Christmas nails art blue. I'm inlove with my new nail polish silver and sparkle. So amazing and so Christmas like a small snowflakes. I had inspiration for this nail art from my new T-shirt - Maggie Simpson which you can see in my previous post. The other stuff is my new ring which is Christmas gift from Pavel and one red box with chocolate candy which is special gift from my friend Elvi  from her trip to Germany <3. 


jacket - Rip Curl
ring - House

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas gift and many T-shirts

Today was a day for shopping for Christmas Gifts. Me and my bestfriend Pavel  bought each other those T-shirts. The day was one of most funniest days ever.. I love The Simpsons and that you can see on my T-shirt. And of course photo of todays outfit and photos with the T-shirts I tried.


The T-shirt I chose

The others T-shirts

In the next post I will show you the jewelry from this shopping.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

To the coffee shop

Today I had met my best friend. She had been to Germany for a week and now she is back to tell me about germans life. I hope one day I'll have a chance to go abroad. I want to see the Eiffel tower <33 - one of my dreams.


Sunday, December 11, 2011


I found this ring in small shop in my city. I like it so much.  

New photos

Photography by: Pavel Milanov

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas nail art

Christmas mood has gripped me before the first snow. Christmas is one of my favorite holydays. I love the snow, the christmas tree, the magic of christmas. <33 I created the christmas decoration and I decide to do something in the christmas spirit for my nails  and here's the result:

P.S.This should be snowflakes

This is what I used:


Friday, December 09, 2011

Memory from the summer

One afternoon in the park with my friend Elvi and a lot of ice cream <3. That was perfect afternoon!

t-shirt - H&M
jeans - Outlet
leather bag - Black Horse (vintige from my Mom)
necklace - handmade


Fair of the book

My shopping from today. I went to the fair of the book in National Palace of Culture. I love to read books. I bought two books today - first one "TILT" and the second one "Beautiful creatures"

"TILT" is bulgarian book from Luben Dilov - Son, the book is based on the movie TILT, which I'm inlove with. Thats why i decided to buy it. 

The second book "Beautiful creatures" is amazing story about one girl who is charodei and one boy who fall inlove with it. I read the first chapter and now i can't stop thinking what's comming up next. This book was one of the bestsellers for 2009 on for teen literature.


'Yellow' for the gloomy day

I've made my windy winter day a bit sunnier  with some yellow. This outfit is from Wednesday one of my school ones.I recently strart liking yellow, maybe after i bought this yellow tunic-dress. I like when the bright colours made me feel like it's summer and the sun is shineing, when it makes me smile.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Vintige bag

I was inspired when I read a interview with Antonia Pashova - Tochka. She is bulgarian disigner and she is amazing. In the interview she talked about her passion - secondhand clothes, and how amazing things you can find there. After that interview I visited secondhand for first time last week, just to check out I found this vintige bag I'm inlove with it <33 Antonia was right this shops have cool stuff.
Бях вдъхновена от едно интервю с Антония Пашова - Точка. Тя е български дизайнер и е невероятна. В интервюто тя говореше за нейната страст - втора употреба дрехи и колко не вероятни неща намира там. След като прочетох това реших, че трябва да посетя такъв магазин и да се уверя от първа ръка. Миналата седмица открих един SecondHand магазин и намерих тази прекрасна vintage чанта - обожавам я! Антония беше права. 


Saturday, December 03, 2011

Backstage photos

This is photos from backstage. The movie is going well, the actors is very good and is very fun all the time. 
Това са мой снимки от снимачната площадка. Заснемането на филма върви добре, актьорите са много добри  и е много забавно през цялото време.

 sweater/ пуловер - Ann Taylor -LOFT
top and leather pannt/ топ и кожен панталон - New Yorker