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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prom dress for your body shape

I will talk again about Prom dresses. I think this topic is so big and I have so much to say! I want to show you what I know about the prom dresses for every body type.

The dress I pick for the article are prom dresses model from 2014 ( from Dresswe. You can find in this site cheap prom dresses, cheap special occasion dresses(, wedding accessories online(, prom Shoes(

Slender Figure

Women with slender figures need prom dresses for prom that fit their bodies well and show off their long and lean physique. Like long, ethereal, elegant dress. I choose this two prom dresses to show you they are from Dresswe. The green you can see on this link ( and the pink on this link (

Hourglass Figures

Hourglass figures are curvy and beautiful. The best dresses for this body type will accentuate your best asset which is usually a well defined waist. Also sweetheart neckline dresses and V-neck dresses will elongate your body and halter top gowns will show off those sexy shoulders. These sleek dresses will fit every curve and hug your body in all the right places. The red one you can find here ( and the nude one here (

Pear Shaped Figures

Every woman's body is different and fits formal dresses in unique ways. For women with pear shaped bodies you need to pick up dress which focuses peoples attentions on your shoulders. You can find the gold one here ( and the pink one here (


Apple Shaped Bodies

The apple shape requires an evening dress that is not tight and does not draw attention to the stomach. Short tight dresses do not flatter this figure type. Formal dresses that have empire waists or evening dresses with detail on the hips or bust draw attention away from the waist. For your perfect formal dress just remember to wear colors that look great on you, don't worry about the trendy formal dresses, wear the perfect formal dress that suits your figure and makes you feel special! You can find the first dress here ( and the second here (


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This time of the year.. you will remember forever!

It's again this time of the year when every girl start to prepare for the moment who will remember forever - The Prom!
I wish I can have prom every year, because the dresses, the emotion is so amazing. I still remember when I pick my dress, I order it from on-line shop. When the dress arrived and I try it I felt like this is my dress, this is the perfect dress. For me the most important thing was to feel the dress like it's the perfect, to feel it mine.
 I will show you my favorite dress for this year prom season and the new trends about prom dresses!
Hope you enjoyed!

I always look for prom dresses in this time of the year, although my prom was 1 year ago. But all this beautiful dresses and the emotions about the prom are so wonderful that I want to bring to my mind my prom evening. 

My choose always was nude or red. On my prom I wear red dress. I think the nude is always elegant and look really beautiful, also it's really trendy right now! If I had prom this year I will choose this nude prom dress from JenJenHouse.
My favorite red... I always choose red for elegant occasions. I like this dress, because is long and have this beautiful neck, which makes her really elegant and eye catching.

 Purple is not one of my favorite color, but is perfect for prom dress. I think is trendy for this year. You can choose this color and be sure that everyone will notice. The dress I choose is with one shoulder and it's also long.

The most important thing is you to feel comfortable, yourself and beautiful. This is your day!