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Friday, October 25, 2013

Prom dresses | Advice and experience

One of my favorite categories in my blog is about Prom Dresses, but that category is still so small. So I will report you about prom dresses in this post! I will share with you my advices and what I think about prom dresses.

 This year when I had to find my perfect prom dress I searched a lot and tried so many different dresses. The one I want to be my prom dress wasn't for my shapes and I need to find something else. Therefore I tried so many different dresses, so I can find the one for my shapes. I found that Floor-length Prom Dresses with slit and corset without many layers are good for my body form and they look awesome on me. Also I found out that short prom dresses don't look good at me. So I understood, that I should wear a long dress .. I really want my prom dress to be short, but after all I found the perfect long dress which was better than the short one I try. You know all this dresses -short in the front and long in the back – asymmetric. I didn't like them, but after I tried one of this and I saw how amazing they look on I felt inlove with them- like they're the perfect type of dresses .So I bought one and I wore it for my graduation. So I can give you the advice to try different dresses. You can find some amazing thinks for your body or dresses you like or you don't like. Try everything this will help you to find the perfect dress for your prom. For me was really important also the dress to be on normal price- I mean not to be really expensive, but to be unique. In my country (Bulgaria) the most sewing's shops offer the same models, so it was hard to find something unique. 

 I will show you some dresses I like and tell you why I choose them.

 First I will start with two short dresses – one in red (my favorite color for dresses) and one in blue. I like the first because is chic, elegant and it's really trendy. The color is nice and my opinion is that this is a dress for princess. The other one is red and you know the red color is sexy and very chic. I like it because she has this amazing belt which makes her perfect for parties. The first is more romantic and princess, the second is more wild and sexy.


My favorite Long Prom Dresses!

What I like about the first one is the colour. (I love blue) and when I saw it I imagine Indian princess. The neck is amazing so chic and trendy. The second dress is more sparkle and glory I like her because it is in purple and black, and I think at the prom night it will sparkle from the light-very beautiful. The first long dress is more appropriate for my body shapes, but the second is fabulous.


And one unique dress for the end..


1 comment:

Aisha S said...

Lovely choices. I have not tried the high-low trend yet, but it seems chic.

Especially, love the short red dress and the long purple dress