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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue leopard

pants/панталон - Miley Cyrus; ankle boots/боти - Humanic;
blazer/сако - local shop(old); peplum/топ - Stradivarius

I'm not big fan of leopard, but I love this blue leopard pant, may be because they are blue and I love blue. I don't know! What do you think about leopard and this blue leopard?

Не съм голям почитател на леопардовите шарки, но много харесвам този панталон в леопардово синьо, може би защото е син. Не знам. Какво мислите за леопардовите шарки и за този син леопард?



EMA said...

Wow I love this post! The outfit is great and the photographic elements are as well in terms of the minimalistic background! Cool blog :)

Unknown said...

I think leopard prints are great. because there are so many different styles and colors of them. I absolutely LOVE your blue pants and I think the outfit looks really great and sophisticated.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

lovely pant,love it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely look, great pants! xx A.

Unknown said...

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Moi Contre La Vie said...

Lovely look - Those pants are a great color & print.

rich_nataliee said...

Those pants are great :)

rich_nataliee said...

Those pants are great :)

Moda Prue5 said...

Brilliant styling. Adds a watch :))

Unknown said...

Love those jeans!!
Great colour and print :)

Talia said...

amazing outfit !!!! love love love it <3
the pants are beautiful <3
what about follow each other?
let me know :)

Morwen Anjelais said...

Those pants look perfect on you! Nice look!

Style by Three said...

Love your pants!!

Zeinab Al-Hussaini said...

I love the boots!


Unknown said...

Fabulous look, my dear.

I would love to ask you a big favor. Would u mind to join and post your looks? I've created that community and I need a bit of support now. I hope u can help me :*

Have a beautiful week,


Ice Goddhez Blog said...

Lovely blue pants Marina! :)

Hope you can visit me again dear :)
And since Google Reader is retiring by July 1, 2013; we might no't be able to keep up with each other's feeds via reading list / GFC when the time comes I guess (I really dunno if GFC's going too but just to be safe lah~).
I'll keep up with your updates via Bloglovin' instead :) Been following you there anyway, hope you follow me back there too, in case you haven't yet so we can still follow each other :)
Don't worry - still following you on GFC. :)

Let me know if there are other platforms you want dear. Keep in touch! (^_^) Happy weekend!

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